• Pastor Adam

The Cross

The cross has been used by many different nations as their form of worship. For the Romans, it was the ultimate form of humiliation and punishment. In Roman history it wasn’t uncommon for the roads to be lined with crosses with the bodies of those who had been tried and sentenced to death. For Christians it is a reminder of what Christ did for us all. The hard part is that people have lost the message of the cross. The cross to society has become just a cute piece of jewelry to wear, or some little decoration we keep in our home or our car. When we are asked about the cross, we shy away from sharing the powerful changing message of what it truly means.

The Cross means so much more than just a conversation piece. The cross changed the world. Yes, there are many cultures that used the cross for an object of worship, and while Christians talk of the cross, it is not our object of worship. It’s our object of remembrance. Too often in life we take an object and we turn it into an idol. I don’t worship the cross, I worship who hung on that cross. The one and only son of God, who loves us enough to leave His throne to come down and walk with us. The one who made the ultimate sacrifice and paid the debt we all owed. Because of what Jesus Christ gave, we no longer have to be bound by sin and death. We have been given the choice to live free in Jesus Christ and have a relationship with God himself. I know people hear this and to some it’s just words. They don’t know why they need a savior, because they think they are a good person. I understand those thoughts because I used to say the exact same thing. I used to think all the good things that I did would outweigh the bad things. The question I have is where does your definition of what is good and bad come from? We can’t judge from society, because their definition of good and bad changes like the seasons. What was once good is now bad, what was once bad is now good. How can we measure good and bad that way? The truth of the matter is, we have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. Romans 3:23, 23for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. It’s impossible to try and earn our way into heaven…if we try we will fail miserably. There is only one way that we can get to heaven and that is through faith in Jesus Christ!

Every person on this planet is a sinner, even Christians. We’re all broken. The only difference is, those who ask Jesus Christ to forgive them are glued back together through Jesus’ lifesaving blood. It doesn’t mean we’re perfect, it means that we’re forgiven and you can be too. All you have to do is ask and He’ll answer.

So I ask you, what’s stopping you?

Are you ready to ask Jesus to save you from your sins?

If you are, email me we’ll talk!


Pastor Adam


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